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Doctor Who: Utopia (2007)

When they said,'Let's have a vegetarian, I didn't think they meant *me*!'

In this 3rd season episode of the BBC's reinvented Doctor Who, René plays Padra, one of the few humans left in the far future. Stranded on a desolate, hostile planet, his friends try to reach Utopia before they all get their entrails nibbled by the pointy-toothed Futurekind.

Jack sings to scare off the savages, The Doctor and Padra dance. Martha thinks of where she'd like to shove that gun...

Safely away from the savages, Padra asks if Spurs have won, whilst The Doctor hopes for a dry-cleaner.

They got tickets to ride.

Smoking or non-smoking?

Hey, 'Night Junkies' is the in-flight movie!