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God on Trial (2008)


René Zagger played Ezra Schapira, a glove-maker from a small Polish village whose group arrives at Auschwitz just as the existing inmates of their hut decide to hold God to trial for breaking his covenant with his people.

prayers for the Rabbi

Will you speak?

Arriving early, the new group has to wait for processing, knowing that some of the men already there have been selected for death.

When the trial is set up, Ezra tries to get the Rabbi to sit on the juding panel, to no success. Instead he asks that the Rabbi, a "living Torah" be recognised in lieu of a copy of The Torah.

Ezra is asked about his experiences of God in his village and he describes what life was like, then the horror of when the Nazis came and murdered the eldery people, including his mother. Her death is held up to be a purification, a holocaust.

I make and sell gloves...

No, I *made* and sold gloves

Despite the proceedings being interupted by the Doctor taking the new arrivals to be processed, the trial resumes once they return, heads shaved and clothed in prison garb. Ezra states he felt comforted by the discussion and likens it to a prayer.

stripped of everything

shattered and humiliated

but comforted

How is it possible so many can die?