Zagger Zoo - A René Zagger fan-site

René's Internet Movie Database page.

Kids In Need - the Essex children's charity, of which René is Patron .

Hard Boiled sweets on Facebook, Twitter and the official site.

Night Junkies' writer/director, Lawrence Pearce's MySpace and blog.

Jon Wright Info - You can view the short film, "The Routine" and other totally fabbo shorts, by emailing  the director, Mr Wright for a password to his on-line library.

The Bill - the official site of ITV's long-running cop drama.

Dream Team 80s - the official site of the football and shockingly bad hair mini-series.

Sierra-Oscar - The best dang TB forum. Evah.

Any Previous - Picture resource site aiming to chart actors from The Bill in previous TB and other roles.
You can see René's page here.

Badzena - Another picture resource, focusing on The Bill.

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