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Minder - "Looking For Mr Goodtime" (1993)


An early role where René Zagger played a young car-thief named Stuart whom Arthur meets in the nick.

sizing up the new bloke

caught red-handed

Having been caught red-handed trying to hot-wire a car, he claimed to have been feeling dizzy and tried to lay his head down. The arresting officer, who was obviously a highly compassionate person then decided that he could instead lay his head down in a cell for the night! He sizes Arfur up as an international embezzler and is impressed. Arthur denies any wrong-doing and insists he's innocent.

If you're not a criminal...

why you talking out the side of yer mouth?

Upon his release, Stuart sees Arfur and asks if Arfur isn't a criminal, then "why is he talking out the side of his mouth?"