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New Tricks - "Mad Dogs" (2008)

the young squaddie

René Zagger appeared as troubled ex-soldier, Andy Merrill, in this episode of the dealings of cold case experts, UCOS.

Brian Lane, at a football match with his son, Mark, chances upon Andy, who used to go to school with Mark.

Drunk and slightly deranged (possibly due to being a Spurs supporter), Andy tells of the death of an army mate during a 'flu trial, just before their deployment to Iraq in Gulf War I. On experimental drugs, he and three other squaddies decided to do a bunk one night and go to the pub. Three returned with no or little memory of what happened, and later, the fourth one, Eric Trimble was found bashed to death.

This sets up a reopening of the investigation into his death amid questions of a cover-up by the Ministry of Defence.

here comes trouble


caution: Spurs supporter




pills and booze

16 years

with my head

 in a vice

shattered life

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