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August update:

Two brief appearances in an anthology of unusual stories from science, Dark Matters: Twisted But True.

Dragonfly is in post-production and is due for release in September.


June update:

A very happy 40th birthday to René Enjoy the cake!


Feb update:

René is currently working on a police based thriller called Dragonfly, written and directed by Andrew Tiernan.
Due out in June, there's a (sadly René-free) trailer on Vimeo.
It also stars former The Bill colleague, Mark Wingett.


Jan 2012 update:

Here's a preview of René's new play, HOPE, where he re-teams with Hard Boiled Sweets star, Scot Williams.


July 2012 update:

Long time between drinks here, but have a first look at the trailer for "Interview With a Hitman", due out in August.

There's a piccy in the gallery, too.


November update:

René will appear in the National Theatre's production of "The Comedy of Errors" from November 22nd 2011 to January 17th 2012.
The production stars Lenny Henry and details can be found here


September update:

René's name has popped up in the cast list for a film titled "Interview With a Hitman". It looks like it's currently being filmed, or very close to it. As the name suggests this looks like a gangster film involving Eastern European nasties.

More info as it comes to hand.

There's a rather delicious poster for René's character in Hard Boiled Sweets here. Very spiffing design by Klor.


June 2011 update:

René will appear in S11E0? of BBC 1's "My Family", titled "A Night Out". This ep was postponed due to Wimbledon coverage, then was due to be aired on Jul 1st, but then another ep was shown instead. It's not on the schedule in the foreseeable future.
Gallery here.

Also, René will appear in BBC1's "Holby City" at 8pm, Tues July 5th, in the episode, "Out On A Limb".
One hopes he doesn't park his petrol tanker inside the hospital again. *ahem*
Gallery here.


Sep 2010 update:

Long time bewteen drinks here, but we have a little bit of news. René appears in a film currently shooting, "Hardboiled Sweets", formerly known as "Cr!key Villains". You can visit their website at: Preview pic here.

Oct update:

From 5th December to 30th January 2010, René will be appearing in the RSC's production of Arabian Nights at the Courtyard Theatre in Stratford. For details, keep an eye on

Fresh off the screencap button, René's appearance in Law and Order UK, episode 9, "Hidden". A smallish role as a man unwittingly involved in the abduction and murder of a young girl. For the trainspotters out there, the ep also had René's former The Bill co-star, Cyril Nri in a small role as a judge. Also, regular lead Freema Agyeman appeared in Doctor Who "Utopia" and the Casualty@Holby 2004 Christmas episode with René.
The ep has already aired in Canada, and should be air in the UK early next year. .
Gallery here **Spoilers at your own risk**

Going back in time, a gallery for Magic Grandad, the childrens' series explaining how we used to live and work. Here, young René played a blacksmith's boy who shows the kiddies how horses get their shoes nailed to their hooves (whilst Manolo Blahnik takes notes for his designs, no doubt). Later, he appears as his 20th century counterpart, the mechanic.
Nabbed from a yt clip and 15+ year old videotape, so the image quality isn't the best. Still, good for a laugh.
Gallery here


Jul update:

René recently appeared in the mini-series, Martina Cole's "The Take", broadcast on Sky 1. He played a Turkish drug trafficker, and unsurprisingly got his head smashed in with a baseball bat. Well, it *is* Martina Cole, innit. ;)

Gallery here.

René was also set to be Best Man at his good friend, Alex Walkinshaw's recent wedding to Sarah Trusler. Sadly, a matinee performance of "Aunt Dan and Lemon" clashed with the wedding, so Scott Maslen took his place (and blubbed like a baby :P).
René filmed his Best Man speech, where he described Alex as "like a brother" to him. The camera then pulled out to reveal René in a skirt and heels, wanting to bring some LULZ to the event. He did manage to arrive later, in a suit.
Pix of utter gorgeousness *coughcough* can be seen in edition #1080 (cover date July 13, out Jul 8) of Hello magazine.


May 2009 update:

René will be appearing in the stage play, Aunt Dan and Lemon at the Royal Court - Jerwood Theatre in the West End from May 20.

René appeared in the CBBC kid!spy series, M.I. High, S3E05 "Dark Star" on Feb 2nd. He palyed a baddie with the glorious name of Colt Wincester. Nice Zapata moustache, too. ;)

Gallery here.


Oct/Nov update:

American viewers can see "God On Trial" on Sunday, November 9th on PBS as part of their Masterpiece Contemporary series . More information here:

René appeared in "Silent Witness" on Wed Oct 22nd, 9pm, BBC1. The 2 part episode, "Judgement" concludes on Thu Oct 23rd at the same time. René plays a dodgy Aussie who hosts a party where a woman dies. The accent's not too bad, except for a few moments where it almost slips across to South African!
Gallery here.

Added a gallery for René's "Minder" episode here.


Sep update:

René appeared in "New Tricks" on Mon Aug 25th, 9pm, BBC 1. The episode, "Mad Dogs" saw the UCOS team investigate a suspicious death of a British soldier. René played a squaddie, Andy Merrill, who was a colleague of the dead man. Gallery here.

BBC 2 screened the Auschwitz drama, "God On Trial" on Wed September 3rd at 9pm.
The 90 min. drama also starred Anthony Sher, Rupert Graves, Stellan Skarsgĺrd and Lorcan Cranitch, with a script by Frank Cottrell Boyce. Gallery here.

Gallery for "10 Days To War: Blowback" now up.


Happy 35th birthday to René on June 1st.

New Gallery uploaded for "The Passion", screencapping for this was an exercise akin to finding Wally (or Osama). >_>

From something new, to something oldish: Gallery for René's ep of Wycliffe also up.

Night Junkies is on US region 1 dvd release - the disc is actually region coded 1 through 6, so if your exchange rate is favourable....
You can order it at Amazon, tinyURL linky:
Still lurking around is The Marchioness Disaster, a dramatisation of the 1989 riverboat tragedy on the Thames. Apparantly this production has had certain difficulties with editing and discontent from one of the survivor/family groups. *Still* no air date as yet, though rumoured to air later this year.
"Eddie's Dead" is an adapatation of a macabre and darkly funny stage play, "Waiting For Eddie" by Mark Stay. Jon Wright is scheduled to direct, and René is scheduled to appear as the lead!
This feature film is currently in Pre-Production Packaging Hell, and with any luck should be filmed later this year, next year...or whenever I win the lottery. :P