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Silent Witness - "Judgement" (2008)


Sporting a fairly accurate Australian Strine accent, René Zagger played Danny Land, an sleazy Australian rich brat who hosts a party where a woman dies, in this 2 part story of the chop-em-up-and-see-what-killed-em police drama.

I don't know anything about it

Nope, weren't me

When the police find he had previously been arrested for sexual assualt in Melbourne, Land admits to having sex with the dead woman, but that he paid her. What a gentleman!

Do you like my gold lamé cushions?

Shut it, or I'll make you listen to Dannii Minogue's entire discography!

It soon becomes clear that something is being covered up, as Land threatens the woman's sister to keep quiet.

In part 2, we learn that the party animals had been sipping on GBL, a legal variant of the muscle relaxant and date rape drug, GHB. However, after catching her sister and boyfriend getting down for a bonk, the dead woman decided to scull a large dose and shag Danny The Creep. Later, she slipped into a coma, her vital signs having slowed so much that her "friends" thought she was dead and Danny carried her out onto the balcony, presumably for some fresh air...
The trio then decided to keep quiet about the circumstances of her death.

Unwanted guests

Danny The Creep

Still denying it

Why pick on me?

Tried to save her

Waaa. I didn't do iiiiiiiiit!

Casanova, he aint.