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The Bill (1999-2004)
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nick + pam

nick + vickers

René 's longest-running role, as PC Nick Klein, allowed him to showcase his comic and dramatic skills, creating memorable partnerships with several other characters on the series.

Viewers first saw Nick as a roadie, helping out a mate's band, being "paid" with a bag of grass. The fact that he was a copper didn't stop him from smoking the odd spliff *tsk, tsk*.
Things became complicated when dodgy DS Vickers from Barton Street station caught Nick in the act and tried to blackmail him into framing Nick's friend, an Asian club-owner and band manager.
Added to this mix was Nick's team-mate PC Dale 'Smiffy' Smith, who was a mate of Vickers'. Nick tried to convince his bosses that Vickers was corrupt and save his girlfriend from being caught up in a major drugs charge - ultimately being prepared to hand over a tape which showed himself as a drug-user. Salvation came in the unlikely form of Smiffy when he sussed out Vickers as corrupt - resulting in his arrest.

This was the start of a beautiful and tempestuous relationship with Alex Walkinshaw as Smiffy...

odd couple smile, bitch

Flame Boy fight

In the mean-time, Nick managed to catch a Rwandan war-criminal, got handcuffed to a wheelie-bin, got caught moonlighting as a DJ, and was appointed Kommandant Klein of the Wind-Up Kommittee (WUK) - an operation to play practical jokes on the new recruits...which ultimately backfired...


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